Facility Management

Our Facility management activity is a modern kind of establishment management based on commercial processes, the long-time preservation of the value and state of buildings, areas, machines, appliances, the maximisation of the real value with optimal liquid asset use on a high quality and professional level.

Our field of activities compasses the coordination and execution of all the operational and maintenance activities and services. It includes the cooperation in the planning and execution phase according to the division below:

Technological Facility Management: 

  • all inclusive technological operation

  • handling of building automation systems, maintenance, fixing, repairing

  • energy and resource management

  • communication, building safety, fire protection,

  • contact with the authorities, supervision, supplying of data,

  • constant standby service.

Infrastructural Facility Management:

  • management of areas and moving, establishment and actualisation of databases,

  • security-protection, management of parking places and keys, security technology

  • superintendent activities

  • daily, all-scale and special cleaning

  • laundry service

  • work, fire and environment protection, waste management

  • gardening, outdoor surface treatment, clearing of snow and slipperiness

Economical Facility Management:

  • Registration and inventory of real estates, machines and appliances,

  • Management of expenses, planning and optimisation

  • Helping the formation and operation of the renting system,

  • project management, cooperation in the execution of investments

  • outsourcing transparency and counselling

  • entrusting and checking subcontractors, coordination